About Thrifted Rich

Thrifted Rich is an online, personally curated thrift store. Our mission is to source the most unique, interesting, and stylish pieces from thrift stores and consignments from around the country and make them available on a single, virtual platform.

The idea for Thrifted Rich was born out of our love for thrift shopping. There is an electric energy that makes your heartbeat a little faster when you find that one throwback band t-shirt, pair of vintage pants, or shearling coat straight out of a 70’s movie that you didn’t know you absolutely needed until you saw it. The problem, however, is that most of us only have access to the thrift stores within a certain 25-30 mile radius at any given time. We wanted to bring hand picked thrifted items from all over the country to one central, virtual platform. We envision our customers being able to sit on their couch in Indiana while purchasing the best of the thrifted items available from Brooklyn.

The way we see it, personal style has no coordinates. Thrifted Rich is the place where personal style can travel the country for the best of the best from the comfort of home.

Our mission is to provide the thrifting experience without limits.