Where do your products come from?

We source our products from thrift stores both locally, the North East metro area, and across the country.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally.

Are your clothing items washed before purchase?

Thrifted items are typically not pre washed as every customer has their own set of standards when it comes to laundering their clothes. However, we do steam every item which kills any lingering bacteria. Moreover, we do make every effort to ensure the items are free of stains, signs of wear, and damage.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! It’s the perfect gift for that stylish friend that seems to have everything!

If I saw an item that I liked last week but it’s sold out today, will there be a restock?

The great thing about Thrifted Rich is that we provide a platform where every item is unique, special, and only available once. Unfortunately, if it is no longer on the website, it means that it is no longer available. We refresh our stock regularly but, because we are in the thrifting business, it is not likely we will offer the same exact item again. However, if you had your heart set on an item that is no longer available, shoot us an email to hello@thriftedrich.com and we will see if we can source something similar.

How often are new items available?

We try to provide new items on a regular schedule. Since each item on Thrifted Rich is a single quantity item, we understand that our customers want to be the first to know when a new stock is coming in. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when we will be refreshing our inventory.

How do I join the Influencer Network?

For information on joining the influencer network, click here.

My item arrived damaged, what should I do?

Please refer to the return and exchange policy.

What sizes do you offer?

People come in all shapes and sizes and we want to honor every single beautiful body. We try to offer a range of sizes however, thrifting can be unpredictable. But, if you find that your size is not available consistently, we want to make sure we are servicing you. Contact us at hello@thriftedrich.com and let us know the size you are looking for.


To apply to our Influencer Network, click here and we will get back to you within 3 business days. If you have any questions about the Influencer Network, email us at hello@thriftedrich.com.