Terms and Conditions

Thrifted Rich is a clothing brand and thrifted clothing hub for second hand items. Our team scours thrift stores across the country to provide the best of the best previously loved clothing items. So, what does this mean?

For starters, the brands of the clothing on Thrifted Rich will vary. Since our inventory consists of secondhand items, they may have signs of slight wear. We make every effort to make sure our items are in the best possible condition including being free of stains, odors, and discolorations. However, as is with most thrifted items, there is a level of expectation that items may have slight signs of wear despite our efforts. This is not common and we try our best to present the highest quality of items. 

All of our items on Thrifted Rich are purchased through secondhand resellers as well as being purchased directly from consumers all of which is done legally and ethically.

Clothing items under the Thrifted Rich brand are sold exclusively through Thrifted Rich at this time.